Property Maintenance

Park Avenue of Wayzata is proud of its maintenance expertise.  Our award winning staff has over 150 years of combined maintenance experience which we provide our apartments, townhomes and commercial tenants.  Our goal is to be prompt and efficient, while providing you a friendly and competent source for repair of and assistance with your property maintenance needs.  And, our preventative maintenance program ensures your problems will be minimal.  

Let us know how we may help you today! Or, see below for maintenance troubleshooting, FAQ’s or emergency contact information.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance FAQ's

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning…Common Problems and Possible Solutions

Why is the air conditioner blowing hot air?

Let’s work through the most common issues:
1. Check the thermostat setting to make sure it is set to “cool.”
2. Try turning the air conditioner off for 30 minutes and then turn it back on. The condenser may need to thaw.

My air conditioning will not come on.

Check breaker in electrical panel (typically located in laundry room or third bedroom).
Switch from OFF to ON position.

My air conditioner is not cooling the upstairs.

1.Close vents downstairs and open vents upstairs.
2. Clear any obstruction from vents (clothes, furniture, beds, etc.).


Plumbing... Common Problems and Possible Solutions

My dishwasher doesn’t work.

Check the power switch above the countertop.

My disposal doesn’t run… it just hums.

It may be jammed.  Turn off the power and use the disposal hex wrench located under the sink.  Insert into the hole in the bottom center of disposal and move back and forth to clear the jam.

My disposal is broken… it does nothing and makes no sound at all.

The disposal may have tripped the internal breaker.  Re-set by pushing in the red button on the bottom of disposal.


Commercial… Common Questions and Answers

I’m locked out of my office...

If it’s during business hours, call the management office and someone will be happy to unlock your door.

If it’s after hours, the on-call person will come to unlock your door, but a service charge of $100 will be assessed. And please be patient…..sometimes they don’t live close by!

Who is responsible for light bulb replacements?

Park Avenue will replace lights for the first year of your lease. After that, the tenant will be invoiced.

My heat and air conditioning is shared with the next office but it’s very hot or cold in my office.

Check with your neighbor first to make sure the thermostat is in the “fan on” position. If it’s not working, call maintenance.

The sidewalk is icy…

There are salted sand buckets located outside the buildings on the sidewalks.  Please help us by throwing some sand down, but be sure to also call us about the icy sidewalks so we can pay extra attention to them!

Uninvited solicitors are present in the building…

Politely ask them to leave the building and property.  Then call the management office with a description.

What number do I call for an emergency maintenance issue?

During business hours: 952-646-3555
After business hours: 952-475-3650


Electrical… Common Problems and Possible Solutions

My entire home has no power.

If your home has no power at all, this is caused by an interruption from the power company or a storm, neither of which Lessor has control over.  It is best to check with the power company to see when the power will be restored.

Xcel Energy: 1-800-895-1999
Centerpoint Energy: 612-372-5050

GFI outlets…what is this weird outlet with a red and black button?

GFI stands for Ground Fault Interrupter and is a special outlet designed and installed in bathroom and exterior garage outlets to help prevent electrical shock. The GFI outlet is identified by black and red buttons on the outlet face. More than one circuit may be wired through a GFI outlet.

For instance, a GFI outlet located in one bathroom could also control outlets in other bathrooms and exterior outlets. Therefore, lost power in one bathroom may be restored by resetting the GFI outlet in another bathroom. If this doesn’t remedy the situation, proceed to the electrical panel.

I don’t have power in my bathroom or garage.

One or more outlets are protected by a safety outlet. Push re-set button on the safety outlet (GFI) to restore power to outlets.

Store hair dryers in vanity when showering to avoid moisture buildup that could trip GFI outlet.

Do not use items with mechanical contactors in garage. They will trip the safety outlet. Examples include but are not limited to: air compressors, refrigerators, freezers, and some car heaters.

Garage Door

Garage Issues and Possible Solutions

My garage door won’t open.

Check the electrical panel (typically located in third bedroom or laundry room) in your home first. Turn OFF…then ON to re-set. If this doesn’t fix the problem, call maintenance.

My garage door is not square in the frame.

(Tilted or raised on one side, resulting in one side being higher than the other.)
This is most likely caused by a broken spring or cable. DO NOT USE the garage door in this condition… it is UNSAFE!

Call maintenance.

The power is out and I can’t access my garage/car.

In the event of a power outage, contact the office or emergency on-call maintenance for assistance.

Attached garages or those with service doors, pull release cord and open door manually.
(Cord is located near the motor of the garage opener.)


Heating Questions

Do I need to change the furnace filter?

Under normal circumstances, you will not need to change the filter.  Park Avenue maintenance will change the filter twice a year during the preventative maintenance.

Furnace will not turn on.

Check switch on side of furnace.
(Usually located in laundry or utility room.)

How To's

How To's

How to use a fire extinguisher:

Work fast……the typical extinguisher has as little as 8 seconds of life, so know how your’s works in advance.  Then remember the acronym “PASS“.

1) Pull the pin.

2) Aim the nozzle at the base of the flames.

3) Squeeze the trigger.

4) Sweep the spray from side to side.

Don’t assume the fire is out just because the flames are gone. Call 911 and wait for the fire department to come.

Locked Out

Lock outs

I’ve locked myself out… now what do I do?

If you are locked out of your home, call the site office during busines hours. Staff will be happy to let you in with proper identification.

If it is after business hours call 952.475.3650
** $100 service charge will be assessed